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Industrial Furnace Business Unit|New construction

The process of new construction

(1) Trailer conveys

(2) Installation by wrecker

(3) Construction of a duct

(4) Installation of a duct

(5) Complete the assembly

(6) Installation of a control box/panel

(7) Accomplishment

(8) Combustion test of a burner

(9) Yield the accomplishment (Tern-key)

Example of new construction Click the image to see the enlarged image.

Batch-type Forging heating furnace for heavy oil

Use: forging heating a special steel
Capacity: 5000kg/ Ch.
Internal dimension: W2,200× L2,416× H1,500mm
Heating temperature: 650℃〜1,200℃

Batch-type Forging heating furnace for heavy oil

Use: Quenching, tempering, normalizing a steel
Capacity: 700kg/Ch.
Internal dimension: W1,200× L1,200× H500mm
Heating temperature: 550℃〜950℃±10℃(3unit)
Heating temperature: 550℃〜1,050℃±10℃(1unit)

Roller hearth type electrical heat treatment furnace

Use: Quenching a tool steel
Capacity: 1,000kg/hr.
Internal dimension: W800× L6,000× H400mm
Heating temperature: 850℃〜900℃ ±5℃
Heater: kantar band wire
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