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Woods and bricks Business Unit

This department which was expanded from the technology of design and implement regarding our industrial furnace was established in 1987.
In recent years, it is necessary to use the material which can reduce the burden on environment and human.
We create the artistic space with the motto of "Eco-friendly, human-friendly".
In addition, we optimize not only the natural material having the natural feelings, but also the circulating material such as, recycling woods and recycling blocks.

Natural woods have a warmth of wood itself and a calm appearance.
It is acknowledged as the material for decking.

One of the materials we are handling is recycling woods.
We utilize the wood meal which is produced and thrown away a lot at a wood processing plant.

Interlocked block, flat plate

We enhance the water retaining function of the material with better condition of inside cavity for water retention adding the soil aggregating agent to current block. Its function prevents the heat island phenomenon by this superior water holding property and rapid water absorbing power.

Australian brick

This brick which is 100% natural raw material has a various patterns that is made as baking its surface.