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Corporate Profile

Company Name
Toyorozai Co., Ltd.
Operations Network
【Head Office】
12-1 Okawa-cho, Kawasaki-ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa.
TEL +81-(0)44-333-8444
FAX +81-(0)44-333-8445

【Sendai branch】
62-1 Ipponmatsu, Miya-aza, Zaou-cho, Katta-gun, Miyagi.
TEL +81-(0)224-32-3011
FAX +81-(0)224-32-3004

【Chiba Office】
1663-1 Tawarada Uchikibori, Kimitsu City, Chiba
TEL +81-(0)439-32-1860

October 16th 1961
Capital Stock
40million yen
Net Sales
1.39billion yen
President and CEO
Kento Miyamoto
Constructor's license
Kanagawa prefectural governor's permission
Construction for tile, brick, and block
Carpentry construction
Number of Employees
29 workers
Building and site area
Head Office: Site area, 403㎡ Building, 650㎡
Head Office Warehouse: Site area, 600㎡, Building, 550㎡
Sendai branch: Site area, 571㎡ Building, 220㎡
Sendai warehouse: Site area, 287㎡ Building, 110㎡
Chiba Office: Site area, 2032㎡ Building, 519㎡
Our Bankers
Yokohama bank Taishi branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. Kawasaki branch
Kawasaki shinkin bank Taishi branch
Shoko Chukin bank Kawasaki branch
77 bank Shiraishi branch

History of Toyorozai

October, 1961
We were found as Toyorozai Kougyousyo
November, 1962 (Incorporated)
We changed the name to Toyorozaikougyo Co., Ltd. with paid-in capital 500,000 yen.
February, 1965
We signed distributor contract with Toshiba Ceramics Co., Ltd. (renamed as Covalent Materials Corporation) currently named CoorsTek.
December, 1967
We reconstructed the office and warehouse to improve our business.
April, 1968
We made paid-in capital one million yen.
April, 1971
We increased paid-in capital to two million yen.
April, 1974
We had the special agency contract with Mitsuishi firebrick incorporated company.
June, 1975
We had the special agency contract with Toshiba Monoflax Co., LTD. (currently named ITM).
September, 1975
We had the special agency contract with Isolite Insulating Products Co., LTD.
May, 1976
We increased paid-in capital to five million yen.
June, 1977
We increased paid-in capital to ten million yen.
October, 1979
We increased paid-in capital to fifteen million yen.
November, 1980
We changed the name to Toyorozai Co., Ltd.
December, 1980
Sendai branch was open.
March, 1981
We increased paid-in capital to twenty million yen.
May, 1981
We reconstructed the office to improve our business.
October, 1987
We divided Sales Bz. Industrial Furnace Bz. Bricks and Woods Bz.
March, 1989
We increased paid-in capital to forty million yen.
October, 1989
Headquarters, office, warehouse, and factory were newly built at Okawacho.
September, 1999
Sendai branch was newly constructed.
October, 2011
Marked the 50th anniversary.
June, 2012
Our president Hiroki YAMAMURA acceded the chairman in Industrial Committee of Kawasaki-city on Corporate Accounting.
August, 2012
Mr. YAMAMURA was rewarded the Dark-Blue Ribbon Medal.
June, 2014
Our president Hiroki YAMAMURA return to the vice-chairman's seat in Industrial Committee on Corporate Accounting of Kawasaki-City due to the expiration of his terms of chairman.
October, 2014
Laos branch was open at Savannahket, Laos.
November, 2014
We made the contract business prospectus with SOUPHI WOOD PROCESSING FACTORY.
October, 2015
Marks the 55th anniversary of Company's inception.
January, 2016
Our CEO was broadcast via Houdo Station from TV Asahi.