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Privacy Policy

We have the customers’ personal information to offer some legal services.
We protect the personal information as the professional those who has national qualification for dealing with the law and provide the further reliance and the sense of security. We actualize to manage the personal information appropriately following the compliance.

About Acquisition of the personal information

We acquire the personal information legitimately without any unlawful and dishonest means.

About safety management

We take some legitimate and necessary actions to avoid losing or damaging the handling personal information.

About utilization of the personal information

Regarding the personal information offered by customers, we utilize them as the answer to those customers’ requirement or inquiry, sending several resources, and purpose written on website. We do not utilize those information as long as we do not take your agreement.

About commission of the personal information

If we depute the third party to manage the whole or part of the personal information, we severely investigate that third party and observe them necessarily and properly to strive for safety management of those personal information.

About the offer of the personal information to the third party

We do not provide the personal information to the third party without customers’ own permission, except for the case that ordinance lets us send them under law, such as The Personal Information Protection Law.

About disclosure and revision of the personal information

We disclose immediately the customers’ personal information if we receive the offer from them. However, we cannot disclose in case that we cannot identify the customers own.

If there is some mistakes in the personal information and the customers own would like to modify, add, or delete, we deal with these order immediately on the investigation.

At that time, however, we cannot identify them own, we do not take these order.

Please contact the below if you would like to know more about how to handle the personal information, also above offer and inquiry.

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  Phone number:+81(0)44-333-8444

Modification of principle

The principle might be modified based on the law revised and needed.

The modified principle takes effect when we put it into our website, except for the particular case we lay down.