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Recycling woods

One of the materials we are handling is recycling woods.
We utilize the wood meal which is produced and thrown away a lot at a wood processing plant.
The recycling woods is made by mixing wood flour and plastic (non-vinyl chloride plastic). This woods is paid attention.
Mixing the wood flour and the plastic let us feel woody taste. Furthermore, This recycling wood is superior to not only flexible shape and uniform coloring, but also durability, anti-corrosion, and candidacy.
[Caution and special attention]
There are some caution points about the recycling woods since this material includes the plastic. The plastic might deform due to high temperatures in case of placing outside and long sunshine duration. As the solution of this caution, it is necessary to choose the proper material and consider the allowable design and execution. We have a lot of experiences and knowledge about these issues.
Since the recycling wood is extrusion-molded, Inside is such a hollowness.

Example Click the image to see the enlarged image.

Ideal for a facilities where the durable material is essential at, such as foster home, and welfare facility.