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Natural hard woods

Natural woods have warmth of wood itself and calm appearance. It is acknowledged as the material for decking.
Our ROZAI decking system has overcome the above demerits by using hard woods which is superior in durability and the advantage of natural woods.
The tissue of hard woods is extremely dense and hard. These characteristics improve the strength and durability.
Moreover, natural color (colour) tone of woods let the appearance be calm. ( Hard woods is natural material which causes the secular change by ultraviolet rays. The color (colour) tone of surface gradually changes to gray.)
In some cases in overseas, this color (colour)⦅from brown to silver⦆ change is regarded favorably as a calm flavor.

Caution and remarkable point
(1)The sap might ooze out between a half of year and a year after execution. (Especially for when to be wet because of rain.)
(2)As the nature of woods, leaving the woods outside makes color (colour) change or fade from red, yellowish to gray due to ultraviolet rays, but there is no influence about strength.
(3)Because of the natural woods, a small crack or warp might be appeared, but there is no problem about structure of decking from the perspective of characteristic of material.

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Rozai Decking System creates woods own warmth

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