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Terms of use

About Link

Thank you for considering to use the link to this website.
Please read the below guide line and set up the link.

Terms of link

※ We cannot take any responsibility about loss by linking to our website.

※ Please understand that we might edit or delete the contents and URL on this website without notice.

※ The link to our website does not mean that we have some contract with you.

※ The link leads you to Top page of Toyorozai Co., ltd.
Please set up ( If you would like to link to other web address, please contact us.

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Prohibited website to link

※ The website which includes the contents to ruin the reliance or defame and disparage our related companies, products, or the third parties.

※ The possible website which makes our contents itself indefinite by displaying inside frame.

※ The website which includes the content against the law or the other public order or morality.

About literary property

The open information on this website is not allowed to copy the part or whole of this web site no matter how the method and forma are, without permission on paper base, except for particular case.

Exception clause

Please understand that we might stop the modification or printing on this website contents.

We definitely pay attention to insert the information in this web site, but we cannot take any responsibility for the loss happened by the wrong printed information on this website.

About recommended browser

The recommended browser for this website is below.

・ Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
・ Mozilla Firefox latest edition
・ Google Chrome latest edition
・ Safari latest edition

※ In the case of using the other browser, it is possible not to display or operate correctly.

About CSS

We use the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in some pages of this website. Therefore, please activate the CSS in order to display the page correctly.

The browser is basically set the CSS up to enable.

About use of JavaScript

We use JavaScript on this website to manage some services effectively. If you would like to use all our function on this website, Please set up JavaScript to “Enable” on setting screen of your browser.

 ※ The browser is basically set the JavaScript up to enable.