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Industrial Furnace Business Unit

Thank to customers' support, we attained 55th anniversary in 2015.
We were established in 1961, and we have built and improved the comprehensive system, including design, implement, and maintenance.
We have the technology and knowledge of industrial furnace which is essential for industrial (MONOTSUKURI) in Japan.

Batch-type forging heating furnace for heavy oil
Truck-type annealing furnace for gas
Batch-type heat treatment furnace for gas
Roller hearth type electrical heat treatment furnace

Forging furnace
Carburizing furnace
Aluminum melting furnace
Incinerator/ cement kiln furnace
Heat treatment furnace

Firebricks/ Heat insulating brick
Ceramic fibers
Cast able
Heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant cast steel
Centrifugal casting
Combustor, instrumentation device

Main suppliers

We have the business with ten kinds of companies in domestic and overseas including Isolite insulating Products Co., LTD.